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From weddings, events and personal arrangements to window displays and creative direction, Flower Pie believes flowers are one of the best ways to make any place or occasion special and memorable.The owner Inna T. shared “ I remember when I was around 8 or 10 years of age, I was always looking forward to staying at the grandparents. My grandfather would wake up at dawn every Sunday and make a trip down to the local market. He would pick out the freshest flowers he could get a hold of and make a trip back in time to catch me and my grandmother still sleeping. He would lay the flowers in front of our pillows, on the side your face was turned to, so you could smell the fresh aromas of the roses while slowly awakening. It was always magical to wake up, see a small bunch of flowers next to you, and feel like a princess in a Hallmark movie. I loved those weekends and I still think of those flower days with warmth in my heart. That’s why I truly believe that nothing beats flowers in expressing your emotions and making someone’s day, week or even year, special and memorable.”That is the power of flowers. And that’s what I and my team at Flower Pie are working to achieve – memorable flower days.


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