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Lili Viola Pilates is Toronto’s first, and so far only, Authentic Classical Pilates studio! We are committed to teaching and preserving the original art and science of Contrology, the systemcreated by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a full body workout that stretches and strengthens the body and promotes mindful and controlled movements. It is the complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit. Our studio is fully equipped with handcrafted traditional apparatus by Gratz, the original makers of Joe Pilates’ machines. These machines are incomparable. While other manufacturers have tinkered with the designs and changed the work, Gratz remains true to Joe’s original blueprints. These machines change the body. In the words of 1st generation Master Teacher Jay Grimes, “Change the body, not the apparatus.”  We specialize in one on one, semi private and small group lessons. All of our teachers are fully certified in the Authentic Pilates system through some of the most reputable and award winning schools in NY. Owner Lili Viola, graced the cover of the top American Pilates magazine, Pilates Style, for its September/October 2015 issue, and appeared in a workout story in the same issue. Hollywood celebrities have trained with her out of her studio when filming in Toronto. Lili is a graduate of Brooke Siler, one of the most sought after and celebrated Pilates teachers and best selling author of The Pilates Body.