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Panda Mandarin was started by a teacher from mid-town Toronto who was looking for a more engaging way to teach her daughter Mandarin that was also close to home. We are committed to making learning Mandarin fun and relevant for all students, no matter what age. Students reach their goals because we deliver language programs that consistently engage, motivate, and stimulate curious minds as they grow.

We’ve developed a new methodology by integrating best practices from current language education research with content that is both fun and relevant for students of all ages. Everything we do is supported by research and years of experience. We work with a team of experts including a speech pathologist, early childhood development experts, teaching consultants in Mandarin education, teacher graduates of the Masters of Education program specializing in language education, and most importantly – our students – who provide us with valuable feedback on how they best learn.

Panda Mandarin’s research-based curriculum and materials will enhance every area of your child’s development and instill a lifelong love for language learning. Learning Mandarin can be FUN and ENGAGING!