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Holiday Hours

Open on Sundays from December 13
Closed on December 25, January 1-10, 2016

Shoushin’s sushi bar is truly one of a kind. We are one of only two sushi bars in North America (the other is New York’s Masa) with a sushi bar constructed from hinoki wood.

Hinoki is a cypress tree native to Japan. Revered by the Japanese, hinoki wood is used to construct palaces, shrines and temples. Due to its rarity and value, hinoki wood is very hard to come by, especially at the size we wanted for Shoushin’s sushi bar. Hinoki wood has always been reserved for the building of sacred spaces.

The hinoki tree we used was 187 years old when it was felled 15 years ago in Nara, one of only three regions in Japan with large hinoki trees. The wood was dried throughout this time to acclimatize and be ready for construction use. The size of the planks made from this tree are 14 feet long, two feet wide and 3 inches thick. We got three and a half planks for Shoushin.

We deliberately left the bar unvarnished and untreated so our guests could enjoy its natural fragrance and beauty. To keep the wood silken and conditioned, the bar is sanded down by hand everyday. We feel the extra effort is worth it, as the natural hinoki scent is part and parcel of the unique Shoushin experience.