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Thair hair boutique is an environmentally friendly and ‘green’ hair boutique. Thair uses and retails some fantastic eco friendly and nontoxic hair care lines which perform beautifully; Intelligent Nutrients and John Masters Organics as well as Butter London and Hot tots for kids. Our products are certified organic, pesticide free, and free from; plastics, phalates, sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, petroleum, and synthetics. They are biodegradable and have not been animal tested.

The Thair boutique itself was created with the enviromnent in mind using reclaimed wood and reusing or refinishing existing elements. We use recyclable paper bags, our space is energy efficient, we recycle foils and we aim to do our best to help the planet. Thairs’s goal is to treat our clients to a warm and intitmate enviroment, to use and retail the top eco- friendly hair care products that are safe for us and our environment and to create fresh and practical hair styles for our clients.